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Islamic / Muslim Wedding Invitations

Islamic Wedding Cards

Selection of Islamic wedding invitations and Muslim wedding invitation cards is not so easy because we have to look towards many feature of card. Several types of designer Muslim cards are available in the market these days that have gorgeous look and catch our attention. Traditional Islamic cards feature embroidery works and stone work. You can customize your Muslim invitation card by using hand-painted drawing in these cards and can decorate it by using some natural stone, jewellery stone, flowers and different colors of ribbon. It is a nice idea to choose a design that goes well with your budget and wedding theme. It will show you traditional if you will use religious icons in the Islamic marriage card. According to the latest trend Designer Muslim invitation cards are most popular among youth this time. Many couple wants Designer wedding invitations to impress their guests by sending antique and creative card. Gold plated cases, paper scroll and invitation card boxes are much popular. Apart from design and religious icons color of an invitation card and it’s printing is very important. Several colors you will see, but an eye-catching color must be selected that will drop your positive Impression on your invitees.

Our Islamic Wedding Cards and Muslim Invitations come in all price brackets and materials including handmade paper and designs like the Designer Wedding Invitation Cards (Farman type cards ). Make your favorite pick and turn your wedding into a much happier experience.