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Hindu Wedding Cards Symbols

Ganesha Indian Wedding Invitations

Lord Ganesha (also refered to as Vigneshvara, Ganpati ji, , Ekadanta, Pille, Ganesh ji, Ashtavinayak, Ganesa ji, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar) is one amongst India’s preferred Gods. He's not simply in style among Hindus, however additionally among Sikh's, Buddhists and Jains. Even United States president Barack Obama carries atiny low Ganesha with him permanently luck. Son of Shiva ji and Parvati ji means Lord of Success, Lord of information, Lord of knowledge, Lord of Prosperity, Lord of Wealth, Lord of Obstacles and therefore the Destroyer of self-importance. Lord Ganesha name gives sensible luck, success and prosperty on his devotees. Lord Ganesha additionally protects against adversities. And because of all this Lord Ganesha is always invoked before beginning every vital enterprise or any Hindu spiritual operate. Just by taking Lord Ganesha’s name at the beginning of a Hindu marriage, the shortly to be married couple seeks his blessings for a cheerful, self-made and prosperous married life. Most Hindu wedding invite cards have a picture or symbol of Ganesh ji on the envelope or on first page of the cardboard, at the top of the invite page and on the envelope. usually the marriage invite starts with “OM .... or “SHRI .....” or “OM SHREE ....“ Please click below link to view Ganesha Indian Wedding Cards..