Wedding Bangles, Traditiona Bridal Chura


Indian Wedding Bangles is the most important bridal accessory which also called as Suhag / Bridal Chura.






We have huge collection of traditional Wedding Bangles like Punjabi style Bridal Churas, Silver Maroon Bangles, ultimate Golden Maroon Studded Bangles, Glistening Maroon Bangles, Red and White with Diamonds, Rajputi Chura, Hand Painted Bangles and fantasy look Lac bridal Chura. So now you can make your happy moments more special.




Red Bridal Chura

Traditional Bridal Chura with combination of Red and White color Bangles

Bangles with Diamond

Indian Wedding Bangles

Indian Bangles with Diamonds, very exclusive collection of Bridal diamond chura

Indian Bangles with Stones

Indian Bangles with Stones in multi color, these are customizable as per theme.


Maroon Wedding Chura

Traditional Indian wedding bangle in Maroon and White color with bright small diamonds.

Indian Dulhan Chura

Original Indian Dulhan (bridal) Wedding Chura having White Diamonds/ Bright Crystals.

Designer Wedding Bangles

Designer Bangles / Dulhan Chura  in all colors and designs available ..